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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

John Hamilton

All the Hamilton changes I've made over the past few weeks have necessitated the review of some existing records.  One of the changes I've made is the removal of John Hamilton's death registration documents.  The parish register of St Edward's Church in Westport and his tombstone both say that he died on 22 or 23 Aug 1871.  The death registration I had recorded said 11 Jun 1871, aged 71 yrs.  I don't know whether it is incorrectly recorded, or if the record belongs to a different John Hamilton.

Reasons it might be his:
  • the person reporting the death is his son-in-law P Brady (Bready)
  • the religion is RC
  • the location is Bedford, Frontenac County
  • I have not found any other John Hamiltons in Bedford, Frontenac County; there was one in Portland, but he was Methodist; and there was one in Kingston Penitentiary.
Reasons it might not be his:
  • the date of death:  11 June is a long way from 22 Aug, and the registration date is July, so it's not just a simple error
  • age is 71, i.e. born in 1800.  Most other records place John's birth around 1797.
Obviously this needs more research.  For now, I'm accepting the parish register date of death.

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