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Monday, May 9, 2011

Mystery Monday: which Jim is this?

This photo, labelled "Uncle Jim Doyle and wife", has me stumped. It was taken by H Holborn, who worked in St Louis MO 1892-1921. I received the photo from Gertrude Phelan in Toronto, ON.  I have nine Jim Doyles in my tree, most of them in Canada, but a couple in Toledo, OH. As far as I know, there are none in Missouri.   One of the Ohio Jims was b. 1872 and d. 1941; he m. Margaret O'Grady in Toledo in 1894.  However, while he is the most likely candidate,  he is not Gertrude's uncle, he's her 1st cousin once removed.  (It's Gertrude's handwriting on the photo, but she doesn't remember why she labelled it this way.)  So, the mystery remains - who is this couple? 

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  1. A note from a granddaughter of James & Margaret confirms that this photo is NOT of James Doyle (1872-1941) and Margaret O'Grady.

    Who are these people?