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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Newspaper clippings

I've been doing more reading in newspaper archives.  It's amazing what made the "news" a hundred years ago.  I found a report of John Broder's 1906 purchase of the NookSack Valley Canning Co in Bellingham, WA. I'd never even heard of this one before.  There was also a longer story about its operation in 1910.  On the subject of canneries, I found a notice of incorporation for the Mt Vernon Canning Co by Robert & Violet Broder.

I also found a birth announcement for Roswell Herbert Graves, obituaries for Alice (Graves) Broder and Percy Broder, and a notice of divorce for Percy and Hannah (Baierle) Broder.

Most of these additions are included in both the Loyalists and Patriots  section and the Broder section.

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