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Monday, April 16, 2012

Doyle updates and a new feature

I have a new grand-niece!  Aubie Elizabeth Doyle was born last week.  So of coursse I had to update the site.  (Only the Doyle section so far, although she's a member of most other family sections too.)

This update also picked up some changes I've made over the past month.  I'm still working my way through the Ontario parish registers, another dozen or so have been added.   I've also added a few photos and made some minor corrections.  See the Recent Updates page for a list of records that have changed since the last publicaton (March 14).

New Feature:  You'll see a new Search item on the menu bar of all pages.  This will allow you to search for names, dates, places, etc.  It's a very fast way to get directly to the page you're interested in.    (Click here to go directly to this new page.)  

Search is only available on the Doyle portion of the website right now.  It will be added to all other sections as they are re-published.

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