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Saturday, January 30, 2010

A busy day and a question

WOW - the information was pouring in today!  I guess that's what happens when I remind people that my website is out there. :)  So there were lots of changes today, none of them major but . . .
  • added two children to James and Christianah (Folk) Jones and updated some dates on other children (the majority of the changes were in this family)
  • added tombstone photos for Rufus, Mary and Ranslaer Dodge
  • moved  Hortonia from Michigan to Wisconsin on some Cuffe records
Then there was the "case" of Byron Dodge.   I show him as the son of Rufus and Mary (Jones) Dodge; however, others say he was the son of Leonard and Mary (Coleman) Dodge. There is little evidence for either premise.  My assumption was based on the fact that he is buried beside their other children and his birth date fits nicely with those of their other children.  None of the online trees that place him with Leonard and Mary show any sources.   Does anyone out there have an answer to this?

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