This blog will reflect the progress of my genealogy project(s). I will describe any major changes that I make on my website and I will document how I solved some brick walls.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Welcome to my genealogy blog.  I'm hoping this will be a good way to keep family and other interested people informed about my website   I spend a lot of time researching and updating that site. Sometimes the updates are trivial, like a new source for existing information; sometimes they are significant, like a whole new branch of a family; most often they are minor additions for a person, like a new photo or a new bit of information.   In any case, it is difficult to know which, if any, family members would be interested in a particular change, so although I try to notify the people I think would be interested, I could be "spamming" people who don't care and missing those who do care.  By following this blog (or catching up to it occasionally) you'll be able to quickly see whether there have been changes to the site that you might be interested in.

The other thing I will record here occasionally is information on how I solved a brick wall problem, or how I stumbled across new information, or why I have made an assumption about something or someone on my website.  Perhaps I'll describe a challenge that I'm working on, or stuck on, in hopes that one of you has a suggestion or solution.

Please feel free to add comments to any of the entries or to contact me directly if you have any information or ideas to share.


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